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The official website of the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Home to the Caribbean's historically treasured musical tradition. The NPATT attempts to preserve the appreciation of parang music by hosting events, teaching students and also performing for its fans.

NPATT 47th Annual General Meeting

The National Parang Association will be hosting it's 47th Annual General Meeting on Sunday 29th April, 2017 at the Headquarters - #22 Hollis Avenue, Arima; 3:30PM to 6:30PM. At this meeting, the next 13-person Management Committee (2018-2020) will be elected. You may contact the Secretary for further information or 678-9342 - Ms. Ruth Li

47th Annual General Meeting

Date: Sunday 29th April, 2018

Time: 3:30 – 6:30pm

Venue: NPATT Headquarters, #22 Hollis Avenue, Arima.



1. Opening prayer

2. Chairman’s remarks

3. Reading and confirmation of the minutes

4. Business arising out of the minutes

5. Treasurer’s report

6. President’s report

7. Secretary’s report

8. Trustee’s report

9. Youth Officer’s report

10. Honorary Member induction

11. Constitutional Amendments

12. General Election - Management Committee 2018-2020

13. Closing remarks

14. Refreshments and Live music



1. Bands are required to have 2 current members present as representatives or unless a proxy delegate form is presented. 

2.  Bands are required to be up to date with their subscription fees (TTD $200.00 per annum) to be counted as a financial member and constitute the quorum.

2. All subscription fees shall be paid on or before the date of the AGM to the Treasurer.


Election of the Management Committee 2018-2020

The following positions will become vacant:

President; Vice President; Secretary; Assistant Secretary; Treasurer; Public Relations Officer; Trustee (I); Trustee (II); Youth Officer; Committee Member (I); Committee Member (II); Committee Member (III); Committee Member (IV).


¡Viva la parranda!