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The official website of the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Home to the Caribbean's historically treasured musical tradition. The NPATT attempts to preserve the appreciation of parang music by hosting events, teaching students and also performing for its fans.

FEATURE - Celebrating 45 years of majestic music!

by William Calliste, Trustee. 

Together with its friends, partners and the interested public this year the National Parang Association of Trinidad & Tobago (NPATT) celebrates its 45th anniversary since its inception. Our 45th anniversary gave us the chance to reflect on all that we have accomplished and plan for what is yet to come. It was also a time to celebrate the growth of NPATT and recognize our strength as a unified national association.

Above all, it is a time to acknowledge the hundreds of parranderos from all parts of Trinidad & Tobago, who have worked together to bring the Parang art form this far. Although we appreciate these achievements, the officers of NPATT realise that much remains to be done to secure a sustainable bright future for our membership.

The success of our association depends on all its membersEach and every one of us has a role to play. We must not stand back and wonder, “Why is the government not doing this - or providing that?” Instead, we must ask ourselves, what have we done for the forward movement of Parang today, and what can we do to make it better? This is our duty, our right, and our privilege. We are partners. We share the responsibility to ensure the continued growth of NPATT.

Viva La Parranda!