The National Parang Association of T&T

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The official website of the National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Home to the Caribbean's historically treasured musical tradition. The NPATT attempts to preserve the appreciation of parang music by hosting events, teaching students and also performing for its fans.

Traditional Parang music :

  •  Anunciacion; this song tells of the Angel Gabriel's visit to Mary telling her that she was chosen to bear the Christ Child.
  • Nacimiento; this song relates the events of the actual birth of the child called Jesus Christ
  •  Aguinaldo or serenal: relating to the stories of the nativity of Christ, equivalent to the Western concept of a 'carol';
  • Guarapo (or Guarap): a secular song, lyrics mostly celebrate the drinking of guarap, or fermented cane juice;
  • Estribillo: a lively call-and-response style song;
  •  Manzanares: a Venezuelan waltz which celebrates the different aspects of the Manzanares River of Cumaná, Venezuela;
  •  Joropo: similar in style to the Spanish waltz;
  • Despedida: a song of farewell and gratitude.
  • Vals (Castillian); this is a secular song with a slow waltz tempo.
  • Gaita; (from Venezuela), secular song with moderate tempo. Characterized by use of gaita drum (a barrel drum) and considered to be Afro-Spanish.
  • Galeron; moderate tempo, improvised Spanish lyrics, both religious and secular themes, traditionally sung in lyrical competitions over repetitive bass rhythm.
  • Levanta; a “wake up” song played by Parranderos, asking the family to get up, allow us into your home and hear the good news of Christmas in song.